Amazonite 25-30mm Pyramid


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Amazonite stone is an excellent stone for communication and truth. It aids the process of doing energy work using the power or words. Assists in conveying higher ideals and your real way of thinking while remaining calm and unemotional. Assists in broaching subjects that are delicate or uncomfortable or that you are passionate about. Amazonite is also great for relieving stress and is also energizing along with being soothing. It assists with stress from confrontations, past situations and conflict and helps you learn better ways to communicate. Assists in discovering one’s own truths and integrity. Awakens compassion as well as aiding in the ability to see issues objectively. It is also a stone of manifestation and prosperity and can attract business. Amazonite also blocks EMF and geopathic stress. Great to have near computers and cell phones! This stone is also said to dispel negative energy, aggravation and unfair practices in the workplace.


Since ancient civilizations, pyramids have been a source of focused energy and power. Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. A crystal pyramid is a powerful tool that can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the environment and to infuse positive energy. A gemstone pyramid is also used to enhance and focus the properties of the stone it is made of. Pyramids attract energy, transform it and release it into their environment. Pyramids can be used to channel, cleanse, and direct energies throughout your home or sacred space. Anywhere where there is a pyramid, energy won’t become stagnant. Crystal pyramids are also very powerful center stones for crystal grids.

2 in stock



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