Cocaine Anonymous Daily Meditations


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Cocaine Anonymous was formed in November of 1982, when several recovering addicts met and established the first C.A. Group. With its all-inclusive Third Tradition and First Step, C.A. welcomes anyone with a drug or alcohol problem and offers a solution. Now, for the first time, Cocaine Anonymous presents a daily meditation book, written by its own members. Inspirational thoughts, words of introspection and useful guidance for living life serenely have been assembled into one helpful reference tool. Those familiar with C.A. will immediately recognize the program’s distinct “flavor” incorporated into the quotes, meditations and daily thoughts. Readers not yet familiar with Cocaine Anonymous can experience a true sampling of the love, acceptance and friendship found within the C.A. Fellowship. Hope, faith and courage abound in A Quiet Peace. It is our hope that all will enjoy and benefit from the wisdom and spiritual insights offered herein.

2 in stock



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