Glad Day

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Glad Day
Daily Meditations For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual And Transgender People
July 26
Money Cost too much
It may be tempting to base our feelings of satisfaction on what we are paid or to let money lead us in making important choices. In fact money can’t satisfy our deepest cravings, and the absence of it is rarely our true complaint when we’re dissatisfied with a work or personal situation.
  Self-esteem requires that we place value on what we do and that we become willing to ask for adequate compensation. Even more important is choosing work that we love,deriving self-esteem from exercising our gifts and serving others. When we must compromise our values and standards for the sake of money, we learn that money indeed costs too much. When we say no to what is wrong for us and yes to our hearts desires, our higher power cooperates with our efforts to work out the financial details.
Today I do not let money lead me.
I embrace the work I love trusting that it will thrive.


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