Magic or Witchy Palo Santo


Each piece of Palo Santo is Hand Drawn and Hand burned with an individual phrase. Witchy Vibes, Crystal Witch, The Witch is In, Kitchen Witch and Witchy Woman, Moon Magic, Make Magic, Work your Magic, I am Magic and Magic Vibes.

Each piece of Palo Santo is 4 in x 1/2 in. Sourced from Peru from a sustainable source that is always harvested from naturally fallen trees and never cut down by force.

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood is burned to purify the Spirit, clear negative energy, stimulates creativity, and aide in physical healing.

Light one end of the Palo Santo for 5-10 seconds, blow out and allow smoke to move around whatever you are cleansing or place in a heat proof dish.

Styles are assorted and chosen randomly. If you have a preference leave me a note with your order. Choose from 1 single Palo Santo $5.99  or pack of 5 – $25.00


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Magic & Witchy 5, Magic 1, Magic 5, Witchy 1, Witchy 5


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