Spiritual Baths


A collection of my 5 Bestselling Spiritual Baths. 15 oz packages.

Cleansing Spiritual bath, Health and Healing Spiritual bath, Psychic Lucid Dreams Spiritual Bath, Protection Spiritual Bath and Self Love Spiritual

Each Spiritual Bath is handmade with herbs, oils and flowers. Beautifully made and full of floral scents. Each Spiritual bath has intentions and energy but your intentions and energy are what is important.

Sprinkle about 1/4 cup Spiritual Bath under running warm water. Relax into the bath, imagine a bubble of Love and Protection surrounding you. Pour the bath water over your skin with intention, imagining all your worries and stress melting away and filling you with Beauty and Love for yourself.

Spiritual baths have been used for hundreds of years to protect and bring a specific purpose. Each of our baths are filled with herbs and oils to bring about the desired result and each is placed on my Altar where I will place my intention into it and ask my ancestors and spirit guides to empower each with energy.

Each Spiritual Bath may vary slightly because each is handmade. Each package is hand filled so it may vary slightly from picture.

Each Spiritual bath is approx. 15 oz.

Each may vary slightly in weight and appearance from the picture. Slight variations are expected.


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Cleansing, Health & Healing, Psychic Dreams, Self Love, Protection


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